The Prima Diva Puppets

A note from Ms. Kourtess Ann...

'Ello There. Me name is Kourtess Ann and I's a Puppet. I's one of de many personalities created somewhere's in da mind of Ms. Anginet.

Recently, all's us puppets decided to escape out of 'er mental case. Now we be's join 'er in singin' songs, filmin' shows and talkin' 'bout what it be like livin' in a case with manic depression. We's called Prima Diva Puppets. We gets a bit rowdy from time to time. We don't mean no 'arm by it...we'ves just been trapped fer too long. 

You can find us by watchin' 'n readin' Ms. Anginet's blog: The Bipolar Puppet.

The Prima Diva Puppets – Felt for Feels

Marguerite Dantés

Marguerite Dantés hails herself as the best opera singer in the world. She says it, so it must be true. Marguerite once sang in the Paris Opera House...without permission...when she took the guided tour.

Marguerite makes no excuse for being fabulous. She is the ultimate Prima Diva Puppet and she will be glad to tell you as such. Marguerite loves herself fully and is often puzzled by the hang-ups of the rest of the other Diva's.

Manic MagPie

Manic MagPie is a flower child at heart. She believes in love, peace, tranquility and acceptance. She focuses on the greatest good. The problem with MagPie is she doesn't always have the greatest grip on reality. Sometimes she talks to Spirits and seems disconnected to the world around her.

She is tolerant of most things but even she has her hang ups. These little quirks tend to manifest in the most comical and hypocritical kind of ways.

Kourtess Ann

Kourtess Ann is rated M.I. for Mostly Inappropriate. Kourtess Ann thinks she was born in the gutters of London (she wasn't) and she tends to keep her mind there. She spends most of her time entertaining gentlemen and has strong opinions on love, romance and pleasure.

Kourtess Ann may seem cheeky when it comes to matters of the heart (and of the bedroom) but when closely examined, you'll find hidden longing in the depths of her heart. Often her vulnerabilities are exposed through song.

Kourtess Ann has an irreverent following and her content contributions may not always be appropriate for all ages.

Fanny Girl

Appropriately named Fanny Girl, this loving little gal is the ultimate Fangirl. She has a huge heart and wants to share everything she enjoys with everyone. Fanny Girl loves musicals, musicians, movies, actors and comedy. She has several celebrity crushes and often swoons over them.  Fanny Girl is often found in her room writing fan mail to those she admires.

Donna Pastries

Donna Pastries is our in-house food boss and self appointed Godmother. She keeps our Prima Diva's well fed while concerning herself with the healthier side of menu choices. She is more than happy to dish out a side of guilt with any food she deems as inappropriate.


Pandorini is said to have in her possession a briefcase which contains all the contents necessary to bring forth the best and the worst for the Prima Diva's.

Pandorini is level headed, technically savvy and sarcastic. She doesn't always look on the bridght side but in her own way, she brings balance to the Prima Diva family.

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