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My name is Anginet Page and I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Photographer, Writer and Performer. My life's purpose is to help others find self-acceptance, joy, enlightenment and peace. I am able to do this through humor, art and most importantly, my connection to Spirit.

I have a deep understanding for those who struggle with life on a daily basis. For decades I lived with sever depression, self-loathing, anxiety and fear. It wasn't until I began to accept myself in totality that I was able to advance my higher qualities, discover new gifts and find true happiness. It is my goal to help others find that same joy within.

One of the gifts I have been blessed with is the ability to communicate with others on a soul level. I am able to psychically connect with people, animals and spirits in this realm and on the other side. I have been given this ability to help others find comfort, insight and guidance along their journey.

I am truly blessed to have a strong connection with Spirit and a deep love for humanity. I will forever be grateful that I am able to work with both on a daily basis.


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