Puppet Mythology indicates that there were two Puppet Masters named Dopamine & Serotonin. These two chemical rulers, decided to come together during the creation of a certain human named, Anginet. For reasons unbeknownst to anyone, Dopamine and Serotonin decided to insert a puppet named Pandorini deep inside the mind of Anginet. They provided Pandorini with a briefcase, which carried within it, all the tools to create the best and worst for her human host.

Dopamine and Serotonin had conflicting ideas on how the mental case should be operated. One of them pushed for more of the contents to be exposed, while the other screamed for less. The Puppet Masters finally decided that they would trust Pandorini to manage the case as she saw fit. They left her with only one instruction...
"Maybe don't open it all the way...?"

Pandorini did her best managing the mental case. Opening it a crack at a time, she would insert and extract contents to and from the case based on the feedback she received from Anginet's inner Feel-bots and Trolls. What Pandorini didn't realize is that the Trolls liked to mess with the Feel-bots and the Feel-bots wanted nothing to do with the Trolls. This left the human form of Anginet, in emotional states of highs and lows.

Over time, Pandorini started to notice that the Trolls began to take control of the Feel-bots. In an attempt to manage Anginet more efficiently, Pandorini started releasing more from the mental case. The Feel-bots seemed to function with greater ease as more content was released. Eventually, Pandorini put aside the instruction she had been given and she sprung the case wide open.

The fully opened mental case brought forth massive confusion to Anginet's belief structure. Her mental systems were no longer functioning correctly. Although her Feel-bots thought everything was perfectly under control, it was clear to other humans that things were not okay for Ms. Anginet. After hallucinations, mental hospitalizations, medication and therapy, it was clear. Anginet had Bipolar living in that mental case.

Luckily, Bipolar wasn't the only thing dwelling within the case. Once it had been opened, a puppet army began to emerge. Puppets created not only from the exposure to bipolar, trolls and feel-bots, but to Anginet's talents, personality and experiences.  Pandorini inspected this army and decided the best way to fight for Anginet's Mental Health, was to allow their voices to be heard. She named them The Prima Diva Puppets and their purpose is to bring awareness to Anginet while sharing with the world what it's like living in a mental case with Manic Depression.

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